On the tools again

Working in two groups, our band of happy volunteers managed to plant 150 shrubs and grasses along the WCWT. Hopefully we didn’t disturb the resident wombat from its slumber.

Tambo Bluff treats

A small flock of White Headed Pigeons enjoying a feast of ripe olives in a Tambo Bluff grove. Their normal habitat ranges from Cooktown to southern NSW. There have been […]

Just in

A great photo and video by some of our members of the Dolphin Lagoon overflowing into Lake King. GREAT IMAGES For the second time in the past 3 months, Dolphin […]

Responsible pet ownership

With our ever shrinking natural environment and threats on several fronts to native flora and fauna, it is imperative to protect remnant parcels of land. On Tambo Bluff we are […]

Berry bonanza

Currawongs are back, feasting on Blueberry Ash and Lilly Pilly berries, followed up with a relaxing bath. Oh, for the freedom of flight. [see all…]

Thwarted again

Due to Covid restrictions our planned planting day with GJ Gardner Homes has had to be postponed.  However, our diligent crew worked on a roster over four days to get […]

Work continues

Oh what a difference an auger makes, 350 holes in double quick time. Sure beats digging with mattocks and shovels.[…]