Foxy Loxy on Tambo Bluff

An agitated pet dog alerted neighbours to its presence. Causing devastating decline in native animal populations in Australia, this feral predator was originally released in the mid 1850’s near Melbourne […]

Whatever the weather

We took a risk with the weather and lo and behold, the rain abated. The workout saw three new way markers installed and further 40 grasses, shrubs and trees planted.

Prune Pull Plant

Like other East Gippsland folk we have been experiencing native plant loss, which has meant a tidy up and replanting at the Hundred Steps.

Dolphin Lagoon dazzlers

Sunday 2 April saw TBLC members take part in The Gippsland Lakes and Mallacoota Great Pelican Count. Our survey was conducted at Dolphin Lagoon, where there has been a lot […]

Cumbungi cutting

Due to Cumbungi encroaching on the walkway bridges it has been necessary to trim them back. The leaves [bullrush fibres] were used by first nations people to make string. One […]

Vale Barry Healy

Barry joined TBLC in the year of formation in 1993 and became Treasurer in the late 1990’s until 2019.

Who would ever forget […]

From bats to birds (tell 'em you see us!)

A quick dip and tidy up and we’re ready for what the day may bring us.

That said, we, and the other native fauna who live on Tambo Bluff would like youse…

Oh what a night!

As balmy autumn conditions were perfect for micro bat activity, research by ecological scientists began on Tambo Bluff. Two harp bat traps were set up on the Wallaby Creek Walking […]

Pit stop

It seems like the old pine tree is a regular rest stop to enjoy a snack. This time, what we thought was a Wedge Tail, turns out to be a […]

Out of mothballs

NOT referring to our Landcare volunteers, but to our trusty water trailer which has been brought out of mothballs due to the extended dry period. Watering has been necessary to […]