On the path again 🎵

This week saw the final preparation along Pemar Path before we team with G.J.Gardner Homes to plant a significant number of indigenous native plants. This is our fourth year of […]

Happy snaps

Once again Covid has curtailed our Landcare outings but we hope these photos taken by members give you a lift and put a smile on your face.

Ode to Landcare

We would like to share the ode below which was penned by a TBLC member for the East Gippsland Landcare Network’s 21st birthday celebrations in 2018

Bluff and Dolphin lagoons break out

Recent rain has caused Bluff Lagoon to overflow into Lake King. The volume of water has gouged a significant channel in the foreshore, as can be seen in the photos. […]

First time visit

Visiting a member’s garden for the first time, along with cohorts, this New Holland honeyeater sat still long enough for its photo to be captured. Being highly energetic, they require […]

Fabulous funky fungi

We often walk by without a second glance at a vital part of our ecosystem but what belonging to Landcare has shown us, there’s so much we still have to […]

Wombat mange woes

A caring resident is treating a Tambo Bluff wombat which is suffering an infestation of mange mite. The female mite burrows under the skin where it deposits its eggs, as […]

Gully Gang

Wednesday 20th May saw us out and about carrying out maintenance on the Wallaby Creek Walking Track. Lovely to see the amount of recent rain water that has coursed its […]

Patience pays off

For a novice photographer trying to capture the Eastern spinebill requires lots of patience. This little beauty is one of the smallest honeyeaters on the East Coast. Having a fine, […]

Another day at the office

Ten able bodied (might be a bit of an over statement) volunteers reported for planting and pruning duty on the estate linkage pathways. Great team effort.