Back on the track again

On Sunday while the girls removed a multitude of guards from previous plantings, the boys saw to cleaning up fallen trees and branches.

I'll improve with maturity

It might not look much at the moment but with experience and practice building my bower I might be a father one day[…]

Just another Sunday

After tube stock planted and mulch moved it was home time, when darting out of the bush appeared six blue flashes close on the tail of a lone female Superb […]

Soggy siblings

Through the wind and rain devoted magpie parents tend to their young. Just as well they are almost fledged as the 78mm of rain [so far] could have been disastrous […]

Time for a cuppa

After toiling away at the southern end of Broadlands Rd, we took a well earned morning tea break. Thanks to the gentlemen who cooked the biscuits and cake.

The bird is the word

Wonderful excursion to McLeod Morass and farms involved in ‘The Lungs of the Lakes’ project. Pictured are Deb Sullivan and Sean Dooley from Birdlife Australia and other bird lovers.

Warriors for wombats

A big shout out to those wonderful volunteers who are treating some of our local wombats which are suffering with mange. The one shown is on the mend. Thank you […]

Master Builder

Identified as a Fantail nest. The distinctive woven tail at the base of the nest probably broke off when the branch fell.

It's that time of year

Mating rituals have started for our much loved Echidnas. Tambo Bluff residents are requested to participate in a citizen science survey to report sightings of kangaroos and wallabies on Tambo […]

Yellow Cheeks

A great morning when 20 Yellow-tails came to feast on cones from pines and black sheoaks.