Patience pays off

For a novice photographer trying to capture the Eastern spinebill requires lots of patience. This little beauty is one of the smallest honeyeaters on the East Coast. Having a fine, […]

Another day at the office

Ten able bodied (might be a bit of an over statement) volunteers reported for planting and pruning duty on the estate linkage pathways. Great team effort.

Plant and they will come

One small onlooker and supporter witnessed our continuing regime to plant understorey vegetation that contributes immensely to a healthy and balanced ecosystem which, in turn provides much needed habitat for […]

Who said Landcare isn't fun?

An unconventional way of compacting vegetation destined for the tip is to have a tall and agile person willing to have a bit of fun.

Another one gone

Sadly, another native animal has been hit and killed. The incident occurred on the bad bend on Broadlands Rd. The wombat was identified as a male thus ruling out the […]

Nature's wonder on Tambo Bluff

At first glance one would think this is a giant Sea Star but look closer and you will see it is a pigface plant.


While several TBLC volunteers were working on the Wallaby Creek Walking Track this week, a large and welcome distraction came by with her owner. Quinney, the dog, even helped one […]

Escapee from W.A.

An escapee from Western Australia has taken up residence on Tambo Bluff. Due to its vigorous climbing abilities it will smother and overtake native flora. Sticky seed pods are dispersed […]

Respite from the heat

Wetting down the understory vegetation during our recent extreme heat gave some respite to several native bird species, including these two little chaps who hunkered down for hours. Please remember […]

Raymond Island Landcare visitors

Raymond Island Landcare members Pam and Robert Wright were recently taken on a leisurely walk along the Wallaby Creek Walking Track. Meeting with other groups is a great way to […]