2 kms of Boxthorn and Mirror Bush removed

Tambo Bluff Landcare Coastcare has teamed with Mission Australia to remove pest species Boxthorn and Mirror Bush from the foreshore and Bluff slopes at Tambo Bluff.

The team from Bairnsdale and Lakes Entrance were ably led by Supervisor Ian Hammersgill. Their willingness to assist Tambo Bluff Landcare Coastcare take on the challenge in difficult terrain is very much appreciated.

Suffocating Bridal Creeper is currently in retreat thanks to an introduced rust and the Bluff's native vegetation is re-emerging with vigour. With the removal of Boxthorn and Mirror Bush the Bluff is looking reasonably healthy as far as vegetation goes. Ongoing vigilance will be crucial.

Tunnel Erosion

There are serious problems with sections of the Bluff collapsing due to tunnel erosion caused by innapropriate storm water drainage but it is to be hoped that the Shire will do something to stop any more damage before it is too late. Images here.

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