Bluff and Dolphin lagoons break out

Recent rain has caused Bluff Lagoon to overflow into Lake King. The volume of water has gouged a significant channel in the foreshore, as can be seen in the photos.

Break out at Dolphin lagoon too. Water very muddy due to lack of sediment control at North Course development works …grrr!

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  1. The erosion has permanently damaged the lagoons. Bluff lagoon [swamp] had its inflows reduced by the dam & lake on Kings Cove and filled with cumbungi. Dolphin Lagoon was damaged by floods a long time ago. The lagoon bed is higher than Lake King so the current severe erosion will see it drain to empty. I expect it will, over time, become a swamp which is often dry in drought periods. Whether this is an acceptable risk in a major residential area will need to be debated. A compromised environmental system might expose the area to pressure for commercial development.
    The EGSC is the land manager but has shown little interest. There are at least 14 bodies responsible for the Gippsland Lakes and RAMSAR governance is administered by more than one authority so any coordinated action is very unlikely. Nevertheless, there is a need for the current situation to be evaluated so some future action might be taken. A bad situation partly brought about by inaction and neglect.


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