Tambo Bluff environment news

More magical moments

The White-bellied Sea-Eagles atop a pine tree adjacent to Lake King on Tambo Bluff. Photographed by a TBLC member.

St Andrew's Cross Spider

Its name is derived from the bluish-white cross it weaves in the centre of its web, which resemble the St Andrew’s cross on the Scottish flag. (Photo taken in a […]

The ultimate flying machine

An explosion of dragonflies this year has made for many interesting conversations, one being experimental drones modelled on dragonfly wings. Being able to zigzag, hover and fly backwards, dragonflies are […]

Oil Painting Class 2023

Mon 16 Jan we continued the oiling of safety handrails on the steps. Many more to go. Extra hands are always welcome.

Season's Greeting 2022

The Marvellous Mistletoe Bird is this year’s selection for our Christmas Greetings. Thank you Milly.

Caring for Tambo Bluff

Some of our intrepid crew were back on the tools today and most likely will be back on them again next week. Weather conditions have made everything grow exceptionally well, […]

Out and about

Due to a lull in the rain, the past week has seen several Landcare volunteers working to maintain different locations around the Bluff. With whipper snippers, chain saws, weeding implements, […]

Between Rainy Days, New Signs!

Combining the knowledge and skills of several of our members and working as a team over many months, we have been able to produce two interpretive signs to compliment our […]

Oh, what a beauty!

Enjoying a morning of sunshine prior to a bit more rain. Mr & Mrs Wren are a little more active – perhaps a couple more beaks to feed?