East Gippsland Planning Scheme Amendment C53, Tambo Bluff & Kings Cove

Requiring submissions by interested or affected persons and groups by September 18.

There are two main parts to the proposed Amendment;

1. Land now zoned Low Density Residential but unsuitable for development is proposed to be rezoned Public Park and Reserve and acquired by the Shire from private landholders.

2. Land on the Tambo Bluff and Kings Cove foreshore now zoned Public Conservation and Resource is proposed to be rezoned Public Park and Reserve.

"The Amendment has been designed to facilitate decision making in a way that is consistent with the vision for Tambo Bluff that was developed in conjunction with landowners and residents as part of the review carried out over the last few years." (Tambo Bluff Newsletter, August SE)


"The Crown Foreshore extending from Metung to the northern extremity of Tambo Bluff is also proposed to be rezoned from the Public Conservation and Resource Zone to the Public Park and Recreation Zone. This new zone more appropriately recognises that this land will be managed by Council as part of the urban foreshore network consistent with other coastal areas across the municipality." (Tambo Bluff Newsletter, August SE)

Here are the files for your consideration:








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