Lark (north) planting Stage 1 – plants are in.

Thanks Jonathan, Joan and Maurice for your hard work. Approx. 320 plants, 20 species.

TBLC plan to cover this planting with bird netting as a trial deterrent to top-browsing animals like rabbits and wallabies while the plants establish and grow above the guards. The netting may also provide some protection from the harsh summer sun.

Four short connecting streets, Quail, Lark, Finch and Wren were discontinued under Council’s 2004 Development Plan (Meinhardt, 2005). This plan formed the basis for Council’s C53 Planning Scheme Amendment that established the present sub-division and Public Open Space. The Planning Panel also recommended establishment of habitat corridors to improve wildlife access between the lakes, wetlands and adjoining habitat which is threatened by increasing development pressure on the natural environment, particularly in coastal areas. The closed streets can become a habitat corridor and were identified as part of the proposed walking track system for Tambo Bluff which was initially included in the Special Charge Scheme but later dropped due to funding issues. It is hoped this small section can be expanded in the future.

The species list has been designed so that the planting becomes a wildlife refuge and corridor while also being a pleasant garden walk for the nearby community.

Shrubs 1-5 metres  
Acacia genistifolia Spreading wattle
Acacia terminalis Sunshine wattle
Allocasuarina verticillata Drooping she-oak
Indigofera australis Austral indigo
Daviesia latifolia Hop bitter-pea
Goodenia ovata Hop goodenia
Leptospermum continentale Prickly tea-tree
Small shrubs < 1 m and groundcovers  
Bulbine bulbosa Bulbine lily
Carex appressa Tall sedge
Chrysocephalum apiculatum Common everlasting
Dianella tasmanica Tasman flax-lily
Dillwynia glaberrima Smooth parrot-pea
Hibbertia procumbens Spreading guinea-flower
Linum marginale Native flax
Lomandra longifolia Spiny-headed mat-rush
Poa labillardiera Tussock grass
Stylidium graminifolium Grass trigger plant
Stypandra glauca Nodding blue-lily

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