Ode to Landcare

We would like to share the ode below which was penned by a TBLC member for the East Gippsland Landcare Network’s 21st birthday celebrations in 2018


Congratulations Landcare groups, you’ve reached your twenty first
Through years of planting out the land, amidst the dust and thirst
On sunny days or stormy skies, decked out in hat and gloves
With cuts and scratches, bites and flies, you do it all with love

With spade and mattock, sticks and guards and carrying a tree
You wonder if you’ll last the day with such a dicky knee
Revegetating bush and scrub, without a cup of tea
While all the time you’re looking for a place to have a pee.

The time flies by, you miss on lunch but what the hell, you’re here
The plants go in, you stop and chat, the day is nice and clear
Your nose is burnt, the clothes a mess and in your head you hear
Your partner’s voice this morning say “put on your sunscreen, dear”

Just when you’ve got your little patch all growing nice and green
The kangas prune, the wombats scratch, and the rabbits eat it clean
You forge ahead and plant again, camaraderie is high
Your mates have all been here before, but first, a damn good cry.

To all the Landcare people here, you’ve shown you’re really tough
So give yourselves a rousing cheer, you’ve done some real good stuff
And if you drop dead on the job, we’ll dig a hole for you
And plant you back out in the bush to feed a Gum or two.

By Milly

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