Old Tip excavation and site rejuvenation

The East Gippsland Shire Council sent Whelans in to excavate the old tip over the cliff at the end of the Philip St cul de sac.

They pulled out 2 x twelve cubic metre loads of old fencing, water tanks and other junk.

The trees that became collateral damage during the operation were then spread over the levelled and sloping sections to create some anti erosion contingency.

Approximately 12 tonne of soil was then introduced to fill and create a batter and a sort of barrier.

Glenda (President, TBLC) and Alan (Secretary, TBLC) planted some grasses and shrubs behind the land side face and some trees off to the side amongst the already existing foliage and shrubs.

Thanks also to the East Gippsland Shie Council for the four metres of mulch which was spread two hours after delivery. The resident wombat hasn’t messed it up….yet.

Alan and Glenda report that they did take a 10 minute break to watch a pod of about 25 dolphins cruise past.

Warning: The cliff edges are exposed and very dangerous!

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