Sadly all too common

Releasing two magpies from discarded fishing line entanglement is distressing.

Members had been observing an injured Tambo Blufff local magpie for a couple of weeks and thought her foot problem was due to natural causes but sadly this was not the case.

From their window a couple of days ago they now saw TWO magpies in trouble.

On closer inspection, they had somehow become attached to each other by very fine fishing line. Being unable to fly made it possible to bundle them up with a hastily removed jacket and bring them home.

Releasing the male was made easier for as his plight had just occurred, but the female’s foot as you can see in the photo was a different matter.

The fishing line, after two weeks, had become embedded into her toes and ankle, thus becoming a very delicate procedure.

After some time the task was completed. After cleansing and natural skin repair applied to her wounds she to was set free, hopefully to heal and rejoin her family that has now increased by two fledglings.

Kudos to the members for their care.

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  1. Around five years ago, I noticed a Magpie trying to cross Metung Rd. and falling over continually, after much effort and a table cloth from Angie’s restaurant, it was caught in front of the Village Green, a lovely male tourist helped cut the fishing line and then the poor creature flew away.
    I was very angry at the thoughtlessness shown in not securing the line properly out of nature’s way.


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