The Beginnings

Back in 1993 residents met with a vision to restore native vegetation that had been lost due to farming and development. From this meeting the Tambo Bluff Landcare Group (now Tambo Bluff Landcare Coastcare) was created.

They immediately set to and began one of the first of many revegetation projects along Jacaranda Dr./Lagoon Rd., now part of the Wallaby Creek Walking Track, which today has benefited our environmental landscape and the local community. The blue gums are now 40ft in height.

The informative sign at the eastern end shows native indigenous plantings and fauna found in the area.

The sign was designed by a member’s brother for the princely sum of a slab of beer. As you traverse the track you will discover several more recent interpretive signs depicting beautiful illustrations and accompanying literature, all contributed to by TBLC members.

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