The Long and Winding Track

Weeding, whipper snipping and trimming abundant undergrowth due to the recent rains, the Tambo Bluff Landcare Coastcare Maintenance Crew cleaned up adjacent to the recently constructed steps leading to the gully and underneath the now established trees and shrubs along the Wallaby Creek Walking Track that leads to the three ways.

This was taken in 2015 behind where the seat is now situated, looks like a baby gum tree in foreground.

Hard to imagine 4 years ago there were only guards and stakes sticking up out of kikuyu.

The recent rains have enabled the Lomandras, Dianellas and various native grasses to put up an amazing display of flowers and seed heads. 

TBLC will be moving along the gully tracks and the 100 steps pathway in future maintenance busy bees, to get the vegetation in shape before the Summer months.

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