Emu Parade Sun03Aug08

August 3 Update

Emu parade Hardy's Rd.

Apologies: Annie & Maurice (ill)

Attendees: Jenny Meddings, Clint Eastwood, Matt Palmer, Barry Healy, Joan Kinnon & Jonathan Smith

Began at 10.00. Barry distributed safety vests and erected work sign.
We collected ~10 garbage bags of rubbish between Broadlands Rd turnoff and Metung Rd.
Predominant articles were aluminium cans – VB, MB, Bourbon & Coke. Joan also collected 1 bag on Broadlands Rd. between the entrance and the first bend.
Matt took the bags for delivery to tip on Monday.
Jonathan disturbed a black snake basking in the sun beneath a blue-box tree on Hardy's Rd.

All returned to TBLC shed at ~11.15 and had scones (bought by Barry) and tea at J&J's house.
Barry collected tubes and trays to return to Paynesville nursery and took another 12 plants for Bluff Lagoon. All dispersed at about 13.30 (6 people x 3.5 hrs)

Everyone pleased with the day and the outcome – agreed need to tackle our inner roads next.

TBLC members and guests are planning to clean-up litter along Hardy's Road between Kings Cove and Tambo Bluff on Sunday 3 August 10am-12noon.
Litter is accumulating along the roadside probably due to uncovered trailers and utes carrying rubbish to the tip and unfortunately it has to be said the occasional intentional litter-bug.
Want to join in, get a bit of exercise and meet Tambo Bluff Landcare Coastcarers?
Be at the Landcare Coastcare sign, Broadlands Road at 10 am with a safety vest and some gloves (some spares will be available).

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