Soggy and boggy

Due to wet and windy conditions over the past few weeks, the challenge has been to keep the Wallaby Creek Walking Track open. Because of fallen trees and branches, the […]

Backyard beauties

How fortunate are we on Tambo Bluff that we can take photos of native birds from our back doorstep. The yellow tail black cockatoos, like many other birds, have been […]

Environmental Weed

A substantial number of agapanthus were removed when the 100 Steps project was commenced. This plant invades and out-competes native plant species habitat, reducing vital food sources for native fauna. […]

Oh-no...more steps

The crew carried out minor repairs as well as some general maintenance in the gully after the recent heavy rains .

Waiting for tucker time

Several weeks ago a broken heron’s egg was found on the ground in the vicinity of the nest, so it was pleasing to see this young White-faced Heron patiently waiting […]

cat on prowl

A regular unwanted visitor to the Wallaby Creek Walking Track.

Watch this space

Thank you to the Shire for promptly attending to a sinkhole along the Wallaby Creek Walking Track and to the washout debris on the lower section of the steps leading […]