Our Beaut New Water Trailer

After years of hoping for soaking rain that has consistently avoided Tambo Bluff in recent years and slogging away with buckets and watering cans, we decided to suspend our planting […]

Brawn and Gusto

Maintenance Crew currently attacking kikuyu, weeds and fallen branches from around plants along Pemar Path. This was achieved with our usual brawn and gusto. The area will need several visits […]

The 100 Steps project

In 2005 the East Gippsland Shire Council adopted a Tambo Bluff subdivision review, incorporating walking tracks proposed by residents and Tambo Bluff Landcare Coastcare. Tambo Bluff traditionally had a number […]

Sneak Peek - our new trailer

More photos to come at the official launch after signage is applied but during this initial tryout the first word out of user#1’s mouth (Glenda) was Yippee! Encouraging! The volunteers […]