Just bobbing along (near the Bluff)

Living up to 40 years, Black Swans mate for life, with both adults raising up to 10 cygnets per season from June to September. Habitat loss, water pollution, feral/domestic animals […]

From there to here

Thanks to a load of donated mulch the Wallaby Creek Walking Track has been made a little less soggy. Some of the mulch was also spread at ‘The Patch’.

National Wattle Day

National Wattle Day falls on the first day of spring, which reinforces the flower’s status as a symbol of new growth, renewal and fresh beginnings.

Patience is the key

We know the micro bats are here because we have seen them. The camera shows no residents in the new boxes except for spiders. Another inspection will be scheduled for […]

Practice makes perfect

Air ambulance and police units honing their skills. Images taken from the Tambo Bluff cliffs on Lake King.

Plant and they will come

Never mind the weather, the Little Wattle bird loves a dip. Along with having a feed, the Crimson Rosella delights in snipping off the lavender. Absent for a couple of […]

Annual General Meeting

Our AGM is scheduled for Saturday 6th August, in the Regatta Room, Metung Hotel commencing at 11.00am. Landcare is a grassroots movement empowering individuals and community to actively care for […]

Lucky day

These photos of a White Bellied Sea Eagle landing with its prey in an old pine tree on Tambo Bluff were taken from some 70 metres away. These majestic birds […]