The quick and inquisitive

A find while walking on Tambo Bluff was an exquisitely built nest of a pair of Grey Fantails. The nest is made of fine grass which is bound together by […]


This Common Long Necked Turtle was recently seen ambling along the Wallaby Creek Walking Track. Known for travelling long distances it may have been heading off to Bluff Lagoon in […]

True Dedication

This week saw the remaining two linkage pathways receiving a comprehensive manicure from our TBLC team. After three hours of slogging away and two huge trailer loads to the tip, […]

Two Down Two To Go

The focus of our recent working bee was for a super tidy up of two of the linkage pathways that traverse the estate. These corridors form part of the Wallaby […]

Sadly all too common

Releasing two magpies from discarded fishing line entanglement is distressing. Members had been observing an injured Tambo Blufff local magpie for a couple of weeks and thought her foot problem […]

Our Maintenance Crew Muscles Up to Mulch

The newly expanded Tambo Bluff Maintenance Crew (Thank you, new members!)  were busy recently putting the finishing touches to the upgraded entrance of the Wallaby Creek Walking Track. Construction works […]

King Walkers Revisit Tambo Bluff

Great to see the King Walkers U3A Bairnsdale visiting Tambo Bluff again. From all reports they loved the walks and were very impressed with all the work that has been […]

Pemar Path Patience

We would like to thank 15 Trees ( and G.J. Gardner Homes for the opportunity to increase our environmental footprint on Tambo Bluff. The Pemar Path project saw the planting […]

Wild Wind Clean-Up Completed

The trees the wild wind brought down on the Wallaby Creek Walking Track recently have been removed. The Pelican St steps location proved the most difficult, with the branches having […]