Pemar Path Patience

We would like to thank 15 Trees ( and G.J. Gardner Homes for the opportunity to increase our environmental footprint on Tambo Bluff. The Pemar Path project saw the planting […]

Wild Wind Clean-Up Completed

The trees the wild wind brought down on the Wallaby Creek Walking Track recently have been removed. The Pelican St steps location proved the most difficult, with the branches having […]

Wild Wind

Last Thursday’s wild wind saw trees blown over in the Gully.  The large gum tree pictured above, traverses the eastern end of the Wallaby Creek Walking Track. We won’t know […]

The Beginnings

Back in 1993 residents met with a vision to restore native vegetation that had been lost due to farming and development. From this meeting the Tambo Bluff Landcare Group (now […]

Love is in the Air

Our resident Tambo Bluff echidnas are out and about, the little group pictured is on a mating mission. Both sexes emit a strong odour, allowing males if lucky to find […]

Mesh vs Corflutes

Planting and maintenance has resumed along Pemar path at the southern end of Broadlands Road. TBLC along with another Landcare group has been asked to trial the suitability of two […]